Thursday, December 1, 2016

Baptism of Maira and Yanel

Hola todos!

We are super happy today. On Saturday, Maira and Yanel got baptized. They were super happy, especially Maira who was running all over the place with excitement. She told me several times, "today is my baptism!" She is only 8, and perhaps doesn't know perfectly what her baptism means, but she sure recognizes how special it is.
Afterward, we had a lunch with the branch and everyone brought a little food to share. We brought a super delicious cake we made. It was an incredible success, not only physically, but spiritually.

Maira and Yanel´s baptism! We are so happy for them!
Laura helped Yanel and Maira a lot in their decision. She is about to go on a mission too.
The next day it rained really hard and hardly anyone came to church. We were worried that Yanel and Maira wouldn't be able to be confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost until next week. We decided to call them and call a taxi to go pick them up. Laura (20) went to look for them and they all made it to church, even though they were an hour late. The four of us missionaries gave the talks, and though there were few present, the spirit filled in all of the empty spaces! What happiness!

Laura and Yanel
Today we went to the costanera (river shore) and ate lunch there. We had a blast going to the small museum on the river (it was a museum boat) and taking pictures.
We went to the river today. It was beautiful!
This is the last week of the transfer, so I´ll be writing you all on Tuesday next week.

¡Que tengan una feliz semana!

Elder Cloward