Sunday, March 19, 2017

Forever Families

¡Hola todos!

This week, we met Diego, a great man that is trying to make difficult changes in his life. He is trying to stop using drugs. At one point, he recognized he needed help, but couldn´t find the help he needed. Now he is getting help and is trying to repent and be a better father. From the beginning of our visit, the spirit was very strong and he quickly accepted the invitation to be baptized. He told us, "God has given me a seccond chance and I want to take advatange of it."
We had to walk really far because we missed the bus to a far away neighborhood. Then no one was home, so we just walked a lot! It was fun because there was a lot of wind

Hermano Rivas, a really great member of the church, went fishing and caught us some lunch!

That´s a horse in the road. That isn´t uncommon here.

We all bought a dozen empanadas each for p-day today.

Another lady we contacted told us she wasn´t interested at first, but we talked about what we do and then insisted. She let us teach her and she told us that she had had so many bad things happen in her life that she had lost her faith. We testified that God loves her and that families can be together forever, even when some family members have already departed. As I write this, it feels even more personal. I just recently heard that my great grandma passed away. I know that I will see her again. We are a forever family! In holy temples, we can be sealed to our families and ancestors forever. I am sealed to her, to my grandparents, my close family, and so many more wonderful people. What a joyous reunion it will be after this life! I invite each of you to learn more about temples in the following link and prepare to be sealed to your ancestors. It is one of the happiest and most important things that you can do in life.

¡Que tenga una semana feliz!
Elder Cloward

Repentance is Real!

¡Hola todos!

This week we were super busy as zone leaders. We went to a zone leader meeting on Thursday and the next day we had another meeting relaying the informantion to the missionaries. We are pretty tired, but happy.

Elder Sears on the phone in the rain. 
This Sunday, Alejandro came to church again. He doesn´t always understand everything he is trying to learn, but he has incredible desires to become better and he accepted a date for his baptism! He is trying to stop smoking and needs a lot of help. Please pray for him!

Alejandro has already gone to church three times and he is trying to stop smoking so he can get baptized
The Dasilva family (Maria, the mom, and her children, Daiana, Santiago, and Ramiro), also came to church, but for the first time. We have been teaching them for over a month, so it was really exciting to see them make it to church. We shared 3 Nephi 13: with them and the spirit taught them a powerful lesson about putting God first. I love it when people are ready and the spirit teaches them!

Our area is awesome and there are so many people progressing!
I am happy to be a missionary! I love God and I know he loves me. Repentance is real. God forgives those who make mistakes as they come to Him with desires to change. Because of Jesus, we can change and find peace. 

Though the world is steadly growing worse, we don´t need to fear as we do our best and follow God. Families can be together forever through marrage in holy temples. I am so happy I can be will my family forever! Do all you can to be obedient and share with everyone this joyus message!

Elder Sears and me.
¡Que tenga una feliz semana!
Elder Cloward