Thursday, November 5, 2015

Second Week- Awesome!

Buenos dias!

 So much happens in a week at the Missionary Training Center, I have to look back at my journal to remember anything.
This week, Elder Maisey and I continued to teach Lucas and Diana, and a new investigator named Sandra. Even though these people are members of the church pretending to be investigators (people who want to know more about the church), they have become very real people to me. I spend all of my time and effort thinking about them and preparing lessons that will invite God's love and spirit into their lives. Lucas was our first investigator, and this week, he surprised us all. One day we showed up to class, and there he was, ready to teach us! His real name is Brother Myers. He's probably my favorite person in the whole world right now, partly because everything he teaches us is so profound and personally powerful that I just want to write everything he says down. He has taught us to be misionaros imparables, unstoppable missionaries, who don't let excuses get in the way of working hard and doing their best. However, I love him even more because I have felt the Holy Ghost testify through me to him of the importance and power of Jesus Christ and His gospel in our lives. He was the first person we taught to pray, even though we didn't even know how to pray in Spanish ourselves. Just yesterday, we taught him how to repent and be clean from sin by praying for forgiveness from God. As he prayed with us, the joy of the Holy Ghost was so overwhelming, I almost cried. I remembered all of the times I have repented and become clean. I invited him to continue on the path to the savior and be baptized. There was a long pause as he thought about it. He almost said yes, but told us he wanted to pray about it before he made the decision. I told him I know God will say yes.
In other news, A lot of medical issues have come up in our branch (a group of districts or classes each consisting of about five companionship). About two weeks ago, I got a little bit sick, but pushed through. Now nearly everyone except my companion and Elder Starr have gotten sick in one way or another. Elder Inman used hydrogen peroxide to clean his contacts, put then immediately put one in his eye. Needless to say, he had to leave the MTC to get medical attention, but he is okay now. An Elder from another district was rushed to the hospital to get his appendix removed. That was scary, but he is okay and recovering too.
Today it snowed briefly, and Elder Inman, who has never left Florida, was so excited to see snow for the first time. Snow is so clean and pure. I want to help my investigators feel this same way.
Elder Maynes, the President of the Quorum of the Seventy ( a group of 70 church leaders) visited on Tuesday and taught about going out each day to find new people to teach. God is preforming miracles for people in Argentina so they will be ready for me to teach them when I arrive. However, if I don't do my part by searching and opening my mouth, I may miss my chance to serve them. I know that as I am brave, God will speak through me to His Children and they will feel His power and peace.
The food is good here. I eat a lot, but still weigh less that any of the other Elders by at least 5 lbs, even though I am taller than most of them by several inches.
Time is flying by, though we do so much each day here. I am happy and well and hope to hear from more of you. Thank you for your support!

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