Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Week of Testimony

A lot of little things have happened this week that add up to a great big whole. This is how God works, through lots of small things that make a huge difference. I feel like I have changed a lot, my perspective especially.

Monday, my companion and I got ice cream at a place called Grido. This is probably going to become a tradition. Elder Sender got a kilo for his birthday. Ice cream traditions for missionaries here are really silly.
My ice cream, yum!
Elder Sender`s ice cream, yum, yum!
Tuesday, we were looking for new people to teach and a little dog came up and bit me. It was`t serious, but he tore my pants a little, and now I have to pass by every so often to make sure he`s still alive and doesn't have rabies. That`s a bit scary, but I think I will be okay.
We are continuing to teach a pre-MTC class for six young men in the branch to prepare them for their missions. They are all really amazing and most of them have callings in the the branch. It was incredible to practice teaching with many of them and see how strong their testimonies are and how much they already know. I look forward to the class again tomorrow.
This week, a lot of our plans have fallen through, so we have had to walk a lot. We are finding a lot of new people to teach and that is exciting! We are teaching a new family tonight that has a lot of potential.
We are teaching several people that have desires to be baptized, but have a lot of obstacles that are pushing against them. Mabel loves learning from us and has begun to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning to learn for herself if it is true. She has trouble going to church because of her work, but she feels that the church is right. We are also teaching a young mother who also feels that baptism is right, but is having a lot of challenges in her family. We are excited to keep working with them!
God lives! He loves us! He wants us to return to Him, so he gave us prophets and the scriptures to guide us. He gave us His son to die for us so that we can return to live with him. Jesus Christ lives, and because He lives, we can live together with our families forever. When we follow God, we are happy!

Have a fantastic week!
Elder Cloward


My first spagetti!

Hair Cut Before

After... woops, that was a buzz cut. I hope it grows back quick!

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