Thursday, March 3, 2016

Another Step Closer

This week may have been the longest of my life. It´s really exciting to be with my new companion. He´s very different from my trainer. We both don´t have a lot of experience in our missions and we have to work together to be understood sometimes.

Yummy Argentine hamburgers with Elder Sender.
On Wednesday, we had a missionary broadcast for our area of Argentina. Elder Bednar, an Apostle of the church taught of the importance of acting in faith. All that we do should be in faith, meaning that we should first believe that God has power to help us, and then we do all that we can afterward. We read the Book of Mormon and go to church with the intention to act on what we learn. We also pray, with the intention to do what we say. For example, he told us, we pray "Heavenly Father, after this meeting, we are going to go help those who couldn`t come to church today. We only ask that you will help us not all go to the same house!" When we show God we are willing to do, or to act in faith, there are miracles. This idea completely changed our invitations during lessons. "Will you read this book and pray to know it is true? When you do know, will you act on your answer and be baptized?" This comitment is difficult, but powerful and those who are ready will accept it.

Empenadas we made! Eggs and meat.
We´ve seen many miracles and God is guiding us here. I have felt the Holy Ghost guiding me in many lessons, helping me know what to say.
Sunday, I got to sit next to an investigator that lives in the sister`s area during Sunday school. I helped her understand how to use the scriptures and asked her questions to help her learn and understand better. She began participating in the lesson and sharing thoughts with the class. It was so great!
Six wild horses on the chapel grounds Sunday. Not something you see every day in the States!
I know that I am weak. I feel really awkward sometimes as a missionary and have a lot of anxiety. I learned in my studies that anxiety is like empty hope, hope without faith. It`s "I want this now" and "I don`t know if things will be okay." However, I know that if we do all we know how to do and really want to do what is right, God will make everything okay. I am happy to serve Him and I am doing my very best!

Have a happy week!
Elder Cloward

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