Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A New Transfer

¡Hola todos!
Elder Takapu and me.
This week was a traveling week. Every day, we traveled somewhere. Monday we had a zone activity. We got to play ping pong with the other Elders and Sisters. It was really fun even though I lost every time. The next day, we went to Resistencia for a Multi-Zone conference where we got to hear from our mission president. We had to wake up early to go, but none of us set an alarm. Five minutes before the bus showed up, the Sisters called us and asked us where we were. Our zone leader answered the call. "Just give us five minutes," he said, and the 6 of us Elders leaped out of bed and started wrestling the door open. It was really funny! We all made it to the bus some how. I hope that doesn`t keep happening to us!
It´s been really rainy and windy here. Argentine flag!
I enjoyed going to the multi-zone conference and hearing from President Franco. Each zone got to teach the other zones a short lesson about a specific gospel topic. I got to share a short passage of scripture that talks about faith. To grow our faith, we must have experiences with the scriptures, with prayer, with the church, or with doing what we want to grow our faith in. As we exercise our faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father by keeping their commandments, our faith will grow in them as we see the blessings. That was a great experience.
We went back to our area for a day, but them had to go back to Resistencia to do paper work again. We ended up sitting in a building all day just waiting for the paper work, which was a bit frustrating, but we got to talk to a Colombian family about their culture and some of the food they make. That was cool.
Hello Dolly bars- super good dessert Elder Takapu made.
Then we had divisions and I worked with one of the Zone leaders while the other interviewed Angelica for her baptism. Her baptism was on Saturday and it was a marvelous experience. She has been investigating the church for over 20 years, and now after her baptism and confirmation, she appears so much happier! The mission leader, who just received his mission call to another location in Argentina, set up the whole baptism and we were just able to come and participate. I led the music, which was harder than I thought because we sang a song I didn't know and just had to sight read it as I sang in Spanish and led the music. That was fun.
A member family and me in front of the Chapel
The Savior led the perfect life as an example for us. He was baptized, even though he was perfect, to show us the way to happiness now and after this life. Baptism is essential to be able to live with God after this life, but is only the first step. After baptism, we teach all of the lessons again and invite new members of the church to prepare to go to the temple and learn more about God there.
My last day with my trainer. Waiting for the bus.
Monday, I got a new companion, Elder Sender! He is from Ohio, is 19, and has about 8 months in the mission. We are still in Villa Angela. I am excited to work with him and look forward to telling you all more about him. This week is going to be great!

You all are amazing!
Elder Cloward

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