Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Fulfilling Week

This week was full and I have 15 minutes to write it all. Here goes!

This week, we went to Resistencia for a day to do some paper work. We woke up at 3 to make it there. The paper work only took about 10 minutes to complete, but we got to go to Subway! There aren't many restaurants like that here in Argentina and it was really good! Sadly, I lost my wallet on the bus. I didn't lose too much, but I`m going to need another one. We missed the bus back to our area by about 10 minutes and had to wait for 4 hours for the next bus. That was unfortunate. After all the time we missed traveling we had to work really hard the rest of the week. We saw many miracles when we worked hard.

We met a lady who has been investing the church for a long time, named Angelica. She told us she didn't want to get baptized. The next day we visited her. The lesson was powerful and we could all feel God´s love for her. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes! Her baptism will be in two weeks on Saturday, if all goes well. Wow!

The next day, it was really late, but we decided to visit one more investigator. She wasn't there but one of her relatives was. He was watching soccer and didn't look like he'd be interested in our message. My companion asked if we could share with him, and he said yes! He turned off the TV and we had a great lesson. We hope he will come to church in the following weeks.

The next day, Sunday, we only had the afternoon to teach. Our goal was to teach 4 lessons with investigators, but here, that is a big goal for a whole day! We went looking for some specific people but couldn't find them. We were prompted multiple times to stop and talk to specific people. We found two new families to teach and two other new people. We taught four lessons, all to new investigators who look like they will accept our message and perhaps get baptized within the next year. That was a miracle!

I know that when we do all we can, God blesses us. Not always does God give us large miracles like this week, but he loves His children and sends us to help them when they are ready to receive the message of Jesus Christ. I am happy and full!

Juan didn't get baptized yet. We haven´t seen him in a while and pray for him.

To answer questions:
  • There is one branch in our city; right now with us and two sister missionaries.
  • My camera is back but still broken. My pictures may be at funny angles because I can´t see what I have taken.
  • We have plenty of food to eat. We bought oatmeal and milk in bulk and cook great pasta. We haven´t gotten sick and are very well.

You all are great!
Elder Cloward

A lot of oatmeal and milk. Delicious!

Rolling out the churros.

Churros ready to cook.

My companion frying the churros.

We made a kilo of Churros! They are soo good!

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