Thursday, May 12, 2016

A busy week as fall rolls in

¡Hola todos!

This past week was the last week of the transfer. For this next transfer, Elder Felkins and I are staying in Avellaneda. We are super excited to work hard, especially because this is Elder Felkins´ last transfer.
It´s fall here! Lots of leaves and it´s getting colder.
We did a lot of traveling. We went to Las Toscas again to teach Alejandra. We taught her and her daughter the 10 commandments with hand signals to help them to remember them. They loved it a lot! I wish I could share some of them, they´re really funny and clever.

There´s a house here with two pet ostriches. Crazy!

We also had a muli-zone meeting and got to hear from the mission president and Elder Salas, one of the seventy. I learned that even as missionaries, it´s important that we practice every day during our studies to teach more effectively. I also learned how important it is that the missionaries and members work together. When the early Saints were building the Salt Lake temple, they had to carry the huge blocks to the temple on a difficult 4 day trip. Brigham young then had a train track built that could transport each of the blocks in just hours. However, the people cutting out the bricks had to stop working so they could work on the railroad. Sometimes the things we need to do as missionaries seem to not make sense at first. No one will be working on the temple if we build a railroad! If we teach the already active members, we won´t be teaching investigators. But the truth is, when the missionaries and members work together, the work becomes faster and more efficient.
We made polenta! It´s a kind of corn paste with red sauce. The corn was pretty tasteless, but the red sauce was really good!

We taught Samuel the story of Samuel the Laminite from the Book of Mormon. We had him act it out. He got up on a chair and started waving a big shovel in the air as Elder Felkins and I threw stuff at him. All the while, his older brother narrated the story, oblivious to the chaos. It was super funny!
We met a bunch of new people to teach the last few days, including a small family of 4. I´ll give you an idea of some of the people we teach. The mother went back to Secundaria (high school) to finish and the father works at a meat factory and catches birds as pets for fun. It was super cool to see all of his birds. They have two young daughters. One of their daughters hurt her head really bad yesterday and we have been praying for her. Her name is Ariana. We are excited to teach them about how Christ´s teachings bless the family.
There were so many miracles that happened this week, but I can´t share everything. My favorite part of the week was when I got to Skype my family for mother´s day. They are all so happy and it made me so happy to see them. They had some really great questions and helped me want to keep working hard. I loved speaking in Spanish to them and teaching them a lesson about the importance of daily prayer and scripture study. These things are a protection to us from Satan. Just like mosquito spray, they have to be applied each day to protect us from the sicknesses of the world that can hurt us.
I know that God lives. I know that He loves me! I have felt His love very strongly this week. I know that when we obey Him, we are happy and other people are too. Families can be together forever. I am here to bring this message to all and help them receive these blessings.

Have a happy week!
Elder Cloward

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