Sunday, June 26, 2016

Another short-long week. So much is happening and it is going by so fast!


Another short-long week. So much is happening and it is going by so fast!

I had an appointment with the dermatologist (skin doctor) in Resistencia because I had really bad exzima. She prescribed me some creams and now I am all better. Whew! However, now I have a pretty bad cough :). I´m hoping to be in better condition in the next few days.

We made empanadas! They were sooo good! We had 12 each and I was very full afterward.
We found quite a few great people to teach this week. We went to teach the man I talked about in my last email. He turned out to be a builder. He´s been constructing an incredible house, with all kinds of unique designs very different from the box-like structure of most houses here. He invited us in and we sat down. He had a huge cup of wine and was watching TV. He was full of questions during our discusion with him. We did our best to answer them and teach him about Christ´s restored church and how he and his family can find more happiness in all of the confusion in the world. We shared with him Christ´s parable of the wise man who built his house on a rock (3 Nephi 14:24-27). Near the end, his wife walked up angrily and told the man to kick us out because she didn´t want people from other religions in her house. It´s going to be really hard to help this man overcome all of these obstacles, but he wants us to come back and he loves learning from us.

Last Monday, we had a family home evening with this great family. We taught them about temples and invited them to prepare to go to the temple. Afterwards, we played pictionary on my whiteboard.
Please pray for Milagro this week. She is 11, the oldest child in her family. She came to church this past Sunday and wants to be baptized. However, her parents aren´t very supportive and don´t see how important this step is in her life. We hope to help all of them progress together, because there are way to many young children in this city who got baptized and haven´t come to church since.

We ate icecream with Branco and his parents, Lilia and Julio, who have been waiting over a year so they can get married and be baptized.
This is the last week of the transfer and Elder Felkins is finishing his mission. That means I am definatly getting a new companion. I´m fairly sure I will stay in Avellaneda, but who my companion will be, I have no idea. I will write next Tuesday or if I end up training a new missionary, I will probably miss writing next week. That will be exciting!
God lives. He is real! He loves us. We have challenges in this world so that we can progress and become like Him. I love Him and His Plan of Happiness. Christ is our savior. I invite you each to do at least one thing to get to know Jesus and His teachings a little more personaly. If you do, you will find greater peace in your lives.

¡Hasta luego!
Elder Cloward

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