Sunday, June 26, 2016


Me at sun down.
We found some great people this week, I got sick, and we had transfers. Whew!

Wednesday, I was sick and we didn´t go out. I´m doing a lot better, but I still have a cough that makes it hard to speak sometimes. Elder Felkins also got sick Sunday night, his last day in the mission. That was a little sad, and I sure hope he´s doing better now.

We found another really great family in Las Toscas. At first, it didn´t seem like they were going to let us teach them, but then the mother let us pass. She told us that her youngest child started doing rebelious things and she didn´t know what to do to help him. We taught them the restoration and how we can pray and God will answer us through the Holy Ghost. I taught that the Holy Ghost talks to us through our thoughts and feelings and how happy it makes us feel. The mother felt it. She told us, "I feel something good. I don´t know how to describe it, but I know that what you are teaching me is true." I know that Jesus Christ restored His true church on the earth. He called Joseph Smith to be His new prophet on the earth. We can know that this message is true if we ask God in prayer. He will answer us, because he loves us.

We shared the Restoration video with Samuel and Agustin´s family and Lilia and Julio. Julio is the brother of Samuel´s mom who is waiting to get married to Lilia so they can be baptized.
We had transfers. I´m not training yet, and I´m not leaving my area, or staying. My area got combined with the area of the new district leader, Elder Curtis. We now have his area, all of Avellaneda, and Las Toscas. It´s going to be a bit overwhelming and full of traveling. The Zone we are in now got small enough that Elder Curtis is the district leader for the whole zone. Normally there are just two. We will be busy!

My new companion, Elder Curtis.

Our old District.
Please keep praying for missionary work. There are people that are waiting for the invitation to change. Do all you can to invite your friends to learn more about Jesus Christ and his teachings. You will find greater joy and peace. You will begin to see more and more the great things God has done for you in your lives.

¡Hasta luego!
Elder Cloward

Me in Avellaneda.

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