Monday, April 17, 2017

The Joy of Service


Lately in my time here as a missionary, every week just gets better and better. I feel God´s blessings and I feel Him working through me to serve His children. I was thinking a little bit about what the difference is between now and the time that I was struggling a little more. Part of it is that the blessings are more evident: investigators come to church every week and many people are listening and progressing. I feel though, that God is helping me recognize and overcome my flaws and I am understanding more how He speaks to me and what He wants me to do. My calling as a missionary means more to me as I focus on inviting everyone to come to Christ through baptism. I have bad days sometimes, but those days are swallowed up in the greater and stronger joy I find as a servant of God.

This week was a little interesting because my companion got pretty sick and we had to stay in for a few days. It wasn´t fun, but I got to clean our pension "a little".

The pension before.
The pension after. (It took about three hours just to clean this room!)

We also did divisions and I went with Elder Marcolino, a younger missionary from Brazil. He taught me a lot while we were together. He reminded me that our missions are to help others be happy and that I should smile more often. He is a very happy missionary with lots of energy and a desire to do good.

Elder Marcolino and me.
This Sunday was a very happy day. The Da Silva family (Maria, Daiana, Santiago, and Ramiro) came to church again and this time, they stayed for all three hours. I got to teach the Principles of the Gospel class the second hour of church and we learned about the priesthood (God´s power given to man to direct His work on earth). I split the class into four groups and each group learned about a specific part of the priesthood. It was especially great because several members joined the class and helped the family to learn and feel comfortable. Afterward, I shared my testimony about the reality of the priesthood and how it has blessed my life. I felt the Holy Ghost testify too and I saw in the eyes of the family that they felt it too. What a happy feeling it is to feel God work through me to bless those I love. I hope to always be worthy to hear and obey God´s promptings to me. The Da Silva family is preparing for their baptism on April 8. Please pray for them that they can continue to strengthen their testimonies so they can feel ready that day!

¡Que tenga una semana feliz!
Elder Cloward

Elder Sears ready for P-day!

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