Monday, April 17, 2017

The Atonment of Jesus Christ is Real

¡Hola todos!

This has been a happy week. We are working with a bunch of people that are so close to their baptisms, the just have to overcome for themselves, their own obstacles. 

The Da Silva family. They are preparing to be baptized and just need to come to church a few more times. They are a happy family. (Ramiro (10) is missing here)

We did divisions with some of the other Elders in the zone (divisions is when companionships get swapped around for a day for learning and teaching purposes). I learned a lot with Elder Ordoñez. He is a great missionary from Ecuador who has been a member of the church for only two years. We learned together about how to invite those we teach to be baptized in the first visit. Our mission president invited us, several months ago, to invite everyone three times to be baptized using the Book of Mormon. Sometimes it is hard, especially when it seems like they will say no. I put it more fully to the test and realized how much easier it is if I don´t fear and trust in the promised blessings of God. In no way am I teaching something man-made, but from God. If they say "no" to God´s invitation, I invite them again, knowing that God will bless them for following him.

All of the Elders in our zone. They are hard workers.
In the mission, I don´t always learn new principles, but those principles become more real to me. We were talking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ in Gospel Principles class during church. We talked about how Jesus is the mediator between mercy and justice and it just made so much more sense than it did two years ago. It was funny though because it felt so out of place without an invitation to be baptized and live the gospel. Jesus saves us from death and from sin on the condition that we pay His price: obedience to the gospel. I love the simplicity of God´s plan. I love Him and His son Jesus Christ. I love this work they have called me to do. I know that God´s plan for us is real and the most important things we can do now are be obedient and help others follow His plan. I invite each of you, especially as Easter draws closer, to remember Jesus and share your love for Him with someone you know. I promise you that as you do, your love for Him will increase, that He will become a greater reality in your life, and that you will find greater joy and peace.

Have a happy week!
Elder Cloward

A view of life here. Our stoves are connected to a gas tank and we have a water filter that slowly drips into a jug. It takes about a day for it to fill up!

There are a lot of fruit and vegetable stores like this little one, just on the side of the road. I bought apples.

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