Monday, December 28, 2015

¡Hola amigos!

¡Hola amigos!

I know I wrote home Saturday, but some other really great things have
happened since then!

I got to Skype home to my family! I really loved being able to talk to
each of them. I know that God loves us and I felt His love and Spirit
as I spoke with them. We all cried a bit and I felt more peace
afterward. I can`t wait to see them again in May, but as my Dad said,
until then I will try to focus more on the people I am serving. My
family will be there when I get back. That is happy to me!

On Christmas, I got to have my first asado, which is the Argentine
equivalent of BBQ. My companion cooked the meat and did a pretty good
job. We cooked it out on the church soccer field. There may or may not
be burnt holes in the grass now ;). There was a lot of meat though,
probably too much.
My companion cooking asado.

Saturday, our branch had a fun mini nativity where members of the
branch dressed up as Christmas characters. One of our investigators
came to the activity, which was really exciting!
Characters from the activity. The branch president is the shepard in brown.
All of the characters from the branch activity.

The next day, we woke up and there was a bird in our pension! We
didn`t have any windows open, but there are two small holes that it
must have gone through. It made it out safely.
The House Sparrow that got stuck in our pension. Poor girl!

The work is going very well. My companion and I improve together each
day. We are focusing on finding more people that God has prepared to
hear His word. We seek the guidance of the spirit to know what God
wants us to do. I know that this is God`s work and I am so excited to
be a part of it. I am happy to share the joy of the teachings of Jesus
Christ with God`s children and share the joy my family has

I invite each of you to share something important to you with a
friend. This could be a scripture, a teaching of Christ, an experience
that has been a blessing in your life, or a picture that represents a
blessing in your life. I am learning that we don`t have to step
outside of ourselves to share Christ`s gospel. We share what is
important to us that we know will bless our friends. Share as if you
were talking to a sibling or someone close to you. I promise that in
sharing, you will have greater joy and happiness.

Until next week! Make memories; your life is from God, and He gives
you freedom to be happy through the Atonement of Christ! Act, do not
be acted upon.

¡Nos vemos!
Elder Cloward

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