Sunday, January 10, 2016

¡Feliz nuevo año!

My companion and I in the rain.
¡Hola todos!

What a year and what a week! I hope all of you had a safe Christmas break. Don´t forget to celebrate Christ always, it´s not just an annual event! I forget to mention that last Sunday, we got to sing in church as a
district. We sang "Cantos Santos Angeles" (Angels we have heard on high) and it was the best we have ever sung it! I was happy to proclaim the joy of Christ´s birth through song. Afterward, the Brother who was supposed to teach Elder´s quorum forgot and I got to teach. I only had about 2 minutes to prepare and then I was teaching a lesson in Spanish. I´m so glad I got to practice teaching classes at home. The best lessons are discussions and the people here love to talk!

I learned so much this week. There was a lot of time to study because both the 31 and the first, we had to stay in our pension to be safe during the celebrations. My companion also got sick. This was the week we wanted to go out and find new people to teach, but God had other plans.


As I said, my companion got sick Tuesday morning, but some how was able to get up and work in the afternoon, even with a fever! Probably a bad idea, but that is the strength of a dedicated missionary! What a blessing he did because that day, we found Juan. He was reading his bible when we saw him and he was so ready to receive the Book of Mormon and learn more of God´s words. Wow! That same night, my stomach started hurting really bad. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital and that scared me, but the next day it was better. Right now my companion and I are well.

I learned a lot about myself this week. In the Book of Mormon, it says: "and if men come unto me, I will show unto them their weakness" (Ether 12:27). That happened to me, thankfully in a very easy way. God helped me discover one of my greatest weaknesses. Now that I know where I am weak, I can repent and change. This is a great blessing! 

On the 31, it rained super hard and we got to walk through it. It was super fun. Fortunately, I have boots now because the water reached over halfway in some places.

Wit and will. What a can!

 We got to buy ice cream which was so good! My cone was only 1 dollar! Today was a crazy day (Monday). We were informed yesterday that we had to go to Las Breñas again. Our bus arrived at 5:45AM, so I set my alarm for 4:45... PM. Well I woke up in the night and decided to check my watch. It was 5:40! I woke up my companion, who freaked out because he was having a dream about snakes. The other Elders in our district called us: "hey where are you?" and my companion told told them "yeah, we´re on our way." We rushed to pack and actually made it to the bus stop before the bus. Crazy!

Serving as a missionary for Jesus Christ is really hard, but also super fun! God blesses us so much! We do all that we can to invite the Holy Ghost into our lessons because he is the true converter. When we teach because we love, not because we are supposed to teach, the Spirit is there. Love invites the Spirit. I invite each of you to love someone this week. You and that person will be so happy. "Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy!"

Make this the best year!
Elder Cloward

P.S. To answer some questions:

Our A.C. wasn´t ever broken, but every day its really hot (so everyday) the power goes out for a few minutes. It would be funny, except that it gets up to 95+ degrees in the pension without air conditioning. Ow!
Popcorn in a pan!

Arroz con leche.

We cooked pancakes with banana and cinimon this week. They were really good! We also made arroz con leche. Delicious!

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