Thursday, January 28, 2016


¡Hola todos!

I am happy to be able to write home again. A lot has happened, though the week felt short. I am happy here in Argentina!
My companion playing the piano. He can`t play any hymns, but he`s still pretty good.
This week there was a satellite transmission for all missionaries. Six other missionaries came to Villa Ángela. We had a little time before the transmission, so we split up to serve even more people in our areas. It was really neat to lead another missionary around the area. When it came time for the meeting, we got to watch about 15-20 minutes of it and then the power went out. Apparently it was a mission wide power out. While we waited for it to come back, we sang hymns about light (Noche de luzJesús es mi luz, y Hazme andar en la luz). It was really silly, but I felt the peace and happiness of the messages we were singing. Song is such a joy!
The power came back, but only long enough to go back out again, but it was okay. I learned a lot from our songs.
Right afterward, we had divisions, which means that missionaries with leadership positions split with us. I got to go with another missionary to his area and learn from him. I learned more of how we need to talk with all that we see and not walk past. I also learned about truly loving the people we serve and desiring to help them.
In the last family I visited with him, all of the children were members, but the parents were not. We shared a breif scripture and a few laughs. Finally at the end, my companion asked, "Do you have anything to add Elder Cloward?" "No," I said. But as I looked at them, I saw my own family and how happy this family would be with the full gospel of Jesus Christ. "Your family is amazing! You are why I came on my mission, to teach the gospel to families so they can have the joy and happiness I have in my family." I know that families can be together forever!
As we were leaving, the father called us back. He thought that I was the other missionary`s companion and that he would see me again. But because I was leaving, he gave us 100 pesos, $10, to buy ice cream. We ended up buying a kilo of ice cream, which I couldn't eat very much of and my companion finished it off. That was really fun and silly, but it strengthened my testimony of what I am doing. God loves the family. He wants us to treasure it. It is a place where we learn more about Him and learn to love.
This week was a week of miracles. There were many times when we were in the right place at the right moment doing the right thing. We spoke to so many people that approached us. That almost never happens, but when people are looking for help hard enough that they call out to the missionaries, that is a miracle! Meeting specific people in a big city isn't just a coincidence. God is helping us find those who are ready to listen.
There is a young boy, just slightly younger than me who has been going to church, but is not yet baptized. We had a lesson with him and his friend and invited him to be baptized this Saturday! We are going to talk with him tonight about his decision. We are excited for him!
To answer some questions (I will answer more next week):
I haven`t been able to see the mission president very much, but we have interviews with him every other month. We get to see him this Friday, and I am excited!
We have a meeting with the other missionaries in our city every Tuesday and one with the missionaries in the surounding area once a month.
I do kind of stand out from the other missionaries in our area. But I don`t feel left out. The other missionaries are great!

See you next week!
Elder Cloward

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