Tuesday, July 26, 2016

La Cortada

What an incredible week this has been. I feel like I am growing fast and that God is using me and my abilities to help the people here.

Elder Curtis and me in front of the chapel.

 We have been focusing on a small neighborhood here called La Cortada. It is by far the most poor and dirty of the neighborhoods in the city. It always has mud and floods easy, and there is trash everywhere. However, the people there are also very humble in heart. We are finding many people who love Jesus ans are willing to listen to us. God is preparing people and we are finding them. We pray especially this week that we can visit each of them again and help them begin to live more fully Christ`s teachings.

One lady we met, Estela, works with the young children in the Catholic church. She told us how she loves to teach them about Jesus and Mary. I told her that my mom also teaches the children and that it`s a happy job. We shared the Book of Mormon with her in Alma 7:10-13 where it talks about Mary, but focuses on Jesus and His Atonement. She loved it and understood us perfectly when we told her that we believe in Mary and what she did, but that we don`t adore or worship her. We made a wonderful connection with her that we hope to continue.

An Argentine sunrise from our apartment window.
There was another day when we were walking down the street and passed a bunch of children. One of them called out, "what do you sell?" I told them, "we don`t sell anything. We share a message of Jesus Christ. Do you want to learn more about him? Come here, I want to show you something!"  A group of six or seven children crowded around me as I shared pictures of Jesus and shared my testimony of Him and of the Restoration of His church. It really reminded me of how I used to teach my younger siblings and again, or how my parents have always been good at teaching young children and keeping their attention. I know God is preparing me for short moments like these to share my testimony. It makes me happy!

Some members, my companion and me.
Today we celebrated the forth of July with hamburgers and hot dogs! Being away, I am even more grateful for the United States and the blessings my family and I have had there. We have been given much, so much will be required of us.

4th of July Celebration!
Keep inviting your friends to learn more about Jesus. He is the center of God`s plan and the only one who can save us. I love Him. He loves us. I want to do all that I can to serve Him and help others go to Him. When I make mistakes, I can change and try again, because He helps me and wants me to be better. When I do my very best and trust in Jesus, He makes everything turn out okay.

¡Que tenga una semana feliz!
Elder Cloward

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