Saturday, August 13, 2016

¡Me Voy a Goya!

¡Hola todos!

I have good news! This transfer... I am training! President Franco called us and told my companion and I that we are both going to be training new Elders this transfer. I am going to Goya in Corrientes. We are doing a "white wash," meaning that we go in to the area not knowing anything or anyone. I am excited for this new assignment and can´t wait to get to know the members in Goya. I´m sure going to miss everyone I met here.

I am going to miss going to Las Toscas. I serving Alejandra and Milagros and helping them be baptized. They are very strong!

This week, we focused a lot on inactive members, and found a whole bunch of new people to teach. We found a family with nine children who already have children of their own. We got to teach four or five of these children about the Book of Mormon. There was a glow in their eyes as they listened. They were all very young, but they listened attentively as we taught about how Joseph Smith receive an answer to his prayer and that they can too. 

A really great family we are helping to come back to church. They came this past Sunday. We are so happy for them!
We also found another large family that came to church this past Sunday for the first time in years. They just needed some support and someone to invite them back and they came. We also visited a family that missionaries have been trying to help come back to church for four years. They came on Sunday. It was probably one of the happiest sacrament meetings I have ever attended, as several families came back to church. The chapel was more full than it has been in several months and the talks, suggested by the first presidency, seemed specifically for them. It was so incredible!

God loves us. He knows us personally. Christ has experienced everything hard that we go through. They call us as their children to serve and save. I am awed at times that They trust me to call their precious children back. However, we don´t need to be afraid, because as we listen to the Holy Ghost, we will know and do what God wants. We will be happy and those we help too. Serve as best as you can in your own capacity and your own area and do all you can to help everyone to be happy.

Elder Cloward

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