Monday, October 3, 2016

Evidence of the Restoration

¡Hola! ¿Como están todos?

This week was very abnormal for me. My companion, Elder Caceres ended up having to go home for health reasons. I have been tagging along with the zone leaders until I can get a new companion. I am really enjoying it with them and hope that I can get back to work in my area. There are a bunch of people progressing!

I went with the zone leaders to Esquina, a small city south of Goya.
I went with the zone leaders to Esquina on Friday, a small city 2 hours south of Goya. Seven years ago, there was a branch of members there, but the church was disbanded for unknown causes. The missionaries have recently begun to visit again and the people are really prepared. There are several large member families with young children that the missionaries are teaching. Just this passed Sunday, four of them were baptized and in two weeks, there are 12 more that want to be baptized. It was a wonder to to teach a huge group of children between 8 and 11, each with their own Book of Mormon that they were reading. They reverently sat and listened, answering questions with enthusiasm. What an incredible experience!

Then, on Sunday, the church payed for two busses so that people from Esquina could attend church and general conference. 35 people came, 12 of which were not members of the church! It was a miracle!

The church rented two small buses and 35 people from Esquina came to general conference in Goya.
One of our investigators, Yanel, and her sister´s daughter, Myra, also came to one of the sessions of general conference. I am so excited for her. Please prayer for her that she can overcome her obstacles to be able to get baptized. She needs to get married which may be really hard for her. I think she can do it, but her family may or may not support her.

If you didn´t get to watch the general conference, I highly recommend it. The prophet and the 12 Apostles speak to the whole world! If you watch with questions, they will be answered. 

I bought bag of cheep cheetos for general conference. We only ended up eating half of the bag, there were so many!
I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet and that he guides us in our needs. Prophets are necessary to guide us and not only help us interprete the scriptures, but give us revelation for our day that protects us in this changing world. The effects of when we didn´t have a prophet are still evident today. There is a lot of confusion and many churches that all teach about Christ, but have conflicting ideas. God doesn´t want us to be confused, he wants us to be happy. He restored His full truth through the prophet Joseph Smith. His evidence for this restoration is the Book of Mornon, another testament of Jesus Christ. I invite you to read it, or share it with a friend so they can know that it is true. The Book of Mormon teaches us how to find Joy with God in this life and after too. I love the book!

I still don´t know who my new companion(s) will be, but I know that everything will work out okay, because I am doing my very best and God wants us to have joy!
We went to the beach and played football today.
Have a joyus week!
Elder Cloward

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