Tuesday, February 28, 2017


¡Hola todos!

I am still in Centenario with Elder Sears. I am so excited to keep working hard with him with the amazing people here. I know there is still so much for me to learn from him. This Sunday, Alejandro came to church again. He has a lot of questions ablout baptism and is really thinking about how it will help him. We are excited for him!

Divisions in Pirane with Elder Carter and Elder Afane. Pirane is a beautiful town 2 hours from the city of Formosa.
There is a lot of work to do here, but we have been really busy doing divisions in Pirane and we will be going to Resistencia this week for a zone leader meeting. We have had to go inside early several days in a row now because of a crazy holiday called carnival. I´m excited for when it is all over and we can start to work hard again.

This morning, we went to a part of the city where they sell a bunch of really cheap things from Paraguay. A lot of shops were closed for the holiday and the rain, but It was cool to see all of the things to buy.
Yesterday, I met some really cool people in the terminal for the buses and I had some really good conversations. As we open our mouths, God will fill them, even for a few hours, as was the case with me and Pedro. He accepted a Book of Mormon with my testimony and I got to tell him that he would see his wife again after this life (she passed away over thirty years ago.) That made him so happy.

I met a really cool man in the terminal yesterday as we were helping missionaries during transferes. I gave him a Book of Mormon with my testimony in it. He said he would read it during his trip to Buenos Aires.
I invite all of you to open your mouths, and just as God promises, I also promise that you will be filled to know what to say and filled with the joy of the gospel.

Have a happy week!

Elder Cloward

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