Sunday, February 19, 2017

Future Baptisms, Service, and The Book of Mormon

¡Hola todos!

This week was super full and great. We did divisions with the Elders from Pirane, a small city 2 hours away. I got to go with Elder Afane, who started his training 2 weeks ago. He is really great at loving the people we teach. He and I found a really great family, the Dasilva family. Maria and her four children really loved what we taught and we enjoyed being goofy with them. We visited them once more the following day and when Elder Afane had to go, the youngest girl (4), started to rub her eyes, and the others started to tear up too. He pulled out a minion beanie that his sister had hand made and gave it to the young girl. It was really sweet.

We did divisions with the Elders in Pirané. I went with Elder Afane from El Salvador, who has been in the mission just two weeks now. He is really great!

We have been teaching Facundo (16), who is really excited to get baptized. He asked us if he could be baptized and we didn´t even invite him. We chalenged him to prepare for the 18th of February and the next lesson, he told us he had stayed up late because he was so excited thinking about it. This past Sunday, we went early to look for him because he was really excited to go to church, but wanted to go with someone he knew well. He stayed for the whole three hours and he knew some of the members from before. He loved it a lot! We are super exited for him. He wants to serve a mission some day.

We are also teaching Lidia, who has been trying to get baptized for over a year. Just recently, her boy friend (Jose) finally decided to get married with her. They are going to get married on the tenth of February and she will get baptized the following day. We are so happy for them.

We also cut the grass of another partial family with a gas powered weed wacker. That is what they normally use to cut grass here.

All of us after cutting the grass. The mom (Lidia) and dad (Jose) (far right) are going to get married on the 10th of February. They have been trying to get married for over a year because Lidia wants to get married. Jose recently decided he would get married for her. Please keep them in your prayers.
Finally, we got to do some really fun service projects, including moving 12 kilo cement cylinders from a room of a house to a place outside. There were a lot more cylindars than we thought. We also got to cut the grass of Lidia and Jose with a super cool gas powered weed wacker. That was fun work.

For service, we helped a partial member family move 12 kilo cylinders from a room to outside.

Please continue to pray for all of these wonderful people. It is incredible how God is answering all of our prayers to help the people of Formosa.

It´s still hot, but this week it was a bit cooler.

Have a happy week! Keep reading the Book of Mormon. It is the way to know that the church is true and also have the protection from God every day, to always have the protecting power of the Holy Ghost, and to remain active in church. It contains all of the teachings we need to know to be able to be saved. I know it is true.

Elder Cloward

Six of us ate asado with a really great member family. It was really fun and delicious! We eat meals with members every day here.

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