Saturday, November 26, 2016

Joy During Our Trials and Problems

¡Hola de Argentina!

It´s been a good week. My companion and I are growing stronger together and Yanel and Maira are preparing for their baptism this comming Saturday. They are so excited and ready!

We had an asado (Latin American BBQ) with all of the priesthood holders of the branch.

It is imposible to share all of the miracles that occur each week. As we were walking to one of our next lessons, we saw a lady sweeping in front of a house, and though we were in a rush, I felt prompted to ask her if she needed help. She told us that she had seen us before and wanted to talk to us, but that she had been afraid to call us. She is struggling with some very big chalenges in her life that have left her angry and confused. We said a prayer with her and read a scripture testifying of the role of Jesus Christ in her life. She felt a peace as we spoke and when she prayed at the end of the lesson, that peace grew. We realized that we couldn´t solve her problems for her, but that she can solve her problems with the peace that Christ has to offer her. Jesus doesn´t take away our problems. He helps us to carry them with joy and peace.

President Escobar (Elders Quorum president) and Sebastian (mission leader). The asado was delicious!
The mission is a whirrlwind of learning, mistakes, frustrations, and joy. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming, but we have great leaders that always help us to do our best. Most of all, we have God and His son, Jesus Christ. When I pray, I feel a peace and a resolve to change, to work harder, and to become better. I love God!

¡Que tengan una feliz semana!
Elder Cloward

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