Saturday, November 26, 2016

Activities and a New Plan


This week feels like two weeks. It´s been really fulfilling.

Us and the impending storm. Their was a lot of lightning yesterday!

We´ve had some really great activities this past weekend. The branch had a dance and ate sausage sandwiches. It was a great success!

The Escobar family, members of the church.

We also had what is called a Capilla Abierta ("Open Chapel") in the other branch of Goya. The missionaries conducted a "tour" of the building, presenting our basic beliefs as members of Christ´s church. Elder Zabala and I were in charge of teaching everyone who came about baptizm and the Holy Ghost. It was one of the most important parts of the event because we got to invite those who came to be baptized. We felt the spirit as we testified of Christ and His baptism. We follow Jesus as we are baptized in the same way He was baptized, by immersion and the proper authority. Afterward, we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, one of the greatest gifts God has for us. The Holy Ghost guides and protects us as long as we are obedient. We dressed in white and taught in front of the baptismal font. Though no one accepted baptism, it was a succesful event as many people who weren´t members got to learn more about our beliefs.

After the Capilla Abierta ("Open Chapel")

We are teaching several people that want to be baptized but have not yet put forth the effort to go to church. We are devising a plan to have the members help these people get to church so they can continue progressing and be baptized. The more I teach these people, the more important they become to me and the more I can´t bear to think of them not getting baptized. We are working especially with Victor (17) and Raul (15), two boys from an inactive family. They have great desires to be baptized and their parents are willing to help them get there. We are also still teaching Yanel (17) who has a great testimony, but hasn´t made it to church in a while. Please pray for these people that they can overcome their obstacles and increase their testimonies.

All of the missionaries in the branch with the branch mission leader.

I love the work we are doing here and I am happy to keep working another transfer in my same area with Elder Zabala!

There´s still been a lot of rain.

¡Que sean felices!
Elder Cloward

A Capibara belt and keychain souvenir I bought today.

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