Saturday, November 26, 2016

Progress! Humility Equals Changeability

¡Hola todos!

We have had a really great week here and we are seeing a lot of progress in muchos aspects of the work. Two of our investigators came to church again! Their names are Yanel (17) and Myra (8). They both want to get baptized! Every time we talk to Yanel about her baptism, she says "I just can´t wait for that day to come. She has to get married first which might be difficult because her boyfriend wants to wait before getting married. We are praying for them. We introduced them to a young member of the church, Laura, who lives near by and is preparing for her mission. She is helping them so much! Yanel and Laura have very similar stories and Laura was able to share her testimony about how following God helped her to mend her family. It was amazing!

After all of the rain, we had a rainbow!
We are also helping a member who recently got baptized, but has begun to go to church less regularly and smoke again. We visited him with the branch president yesterday. It was really great to enjoy just being with him, supporting him, and laughing with him. It was a little bit like a home teaching visit in that we weren´t their to teach anything new, just to strengthen and love. That was happy to me. He came to church yesterday and has plans to go to church more regularly. Several other people came to church that haven´t come to church in a long time. You can imagine that Sunday was one of the happiest days of my mission!

We ate asado (BBQ) with Sabastian, the branch mission leader. My third asado in the mission! It was really good!
I learned a lot about service this week. There is a member here who, with short notice, helps us with just about whatever we need. He´s been taking my companion, who´s toe had an infection, to the foot doctor. Afterward, he bought my companion the medicine he needed to heal. He threw away the receipt so we couldn´t reemburse the money and pay him back. He is incredible!

My companion and I are beginning to understand each other better, though we still rub a little at times. I have begun to recognize how much I am like him and it has helped us a lot to be humble, changeable, and teachable. Only when we are humble can God help us to change and grow. I am grateful for this time to grow and serve. 

Have a happy week!
Elder Cloward

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