Saturday, November 26, 2016

We Never Have to Be Lost For Long

¡Hola todos!

This week was full of memorable experiences. I am grateful for the confidence God has in my to do great things.
Yanel came to church again on Sunday! She shared her testimony in fast and testimony meeting. She shared that she has gone to several churches looking for help, but only now after reading the Book of Mormon and going to this church has she finally started to find answers. She feels a peace as she reads and she is receiving answers to her prayers. It makes me so happy to think that God led us to find her. She just needs to get married before she can get baptized and as of yet, her boy friend still doesn´t want to. We are praying for him.
We received permission from Myra´s mom to teach her and baptize her. We´re super excited because she learns really fast and doesn´t have any obstacles. Hurray!

A really stormy day! We probably shouldn´t have been on the roof...
We had a pretty funny experience early in the week. We were asked to travel to a nearby town (about a half hour away) and drop off one of my suitcases to a missionary so they could pack up and move to another area. We emptied my big suitcase and got on the bus, waiting to get off at a terminal or big bus station. As we were going, we saw the welcome sign entering the town... and then the sign exiting the town. Before we knew it, we were several miles away from where we were supposed to be. We got off the bus as soon as we could, but quickly recognized that that was a mistake. We were stuck out in the middle of nowhere with my big suitcase.

My suitcase in the middle of nowhere.

It was a good moment to reflect on how blessed we are. We didn´t have to be lost, stuck in the middle of nowhere, because we had the power to get back. We could call our leaders and we had money to pay a taxi. It´s the same in our lives. We may feel lost and far from where we are supposed to be, but we never have to feel this way for long. Asking for help from others, especially Jesus, we can repent, change course, and make it to our final destination, home to live with our Father in Heaven.

We had a happy and fun week over all and we are learning to bond more closely.
We ended up waiting patiently and a bus going towards the town stopped for us. We ran to the bus with the suitcase high above our heads. It was a silly and happy experience.
I am grateful that I never have to be lost for long.

Elder Cloward

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