Saturday, January 21, 2017

Formosa la Hermosa (y Calorosa)

¡Hola a todos!

This past week has been really great and really busy. We were helping a couple prepare to get married and we did several errands getting birth certificates and getting a time set so they can get a blood test.

Angel Franco is preparing to get married on the 25th. They were super fun and silly. He isn´t too excited to get married, but he´s willing to do it for his wife so she can get baptized.

There are so many people preparing to be baptized there, including Nasareno (9), the son of a less active member, and Fabian, his uncle. We gave Nasareno the kids version of the Book of Mormon with drawings and invited him to read the first chapter for the next visit. When we came back the next time, he told us about all of his favorite stories of the Book of Mormon, especially Abinadi the prophet. He read the whole book in just three days. We were so happy and surprised! His family isn´t very intesrested in comming back to church, but his uncle did come and is super excited to keep learning and prepare for his baptism. They sure are great and need lots of prayers.

President Cardozo is the Branch President of the Belgrano Branch. He was really great!

As the title says, I´ve moved to the other side of the mission: Formosa! The sun feels closer here and I´m already sunburnt. There is a lot of Paraguay influence here and many more of the people go to the Evangelic church. I am excited to work here with Elder Sears. We are both zone leaders, serving 8 other missionaries in our zone. I am excited to learn and grow in this new assignment.

The clouds in Goya were fantastic. It aways seemed like a battle was going on up there.

I know that God is aware of me and knows my needs. He lives. Jesus lives and loves us. He defeated death and sin. Through Him we can live with God again. I want to do all I can to show my love for Him!

Elder Salas Mora has been one of my favorite companions so far. He was amazing and showed his faith through his actions.
My new pension in Formosa is huge! I´ll try to send better pictures and pictures of my companion next week!
¡Que tenga una feliz semana!
Elder Cloward

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