Monday, January 2, 2017

Participate in God´s Miracles

¡Hola a todos y feliz navidad!

I hope you all have had a merry Christmas!

This week was excelent! Christmas isn´t as big here as it is in the states, but there were decorations everywhere an a lot of things are still closed. Argentine traditions for Christmas include a lot of fireworks on the 24th at midnight (we woke up and got to see them. The whole city was shooting fireworks. It was amazing!) and asado (we cooked a bunch of meat in the oven. It was really delicious!) We had to enter the pension early on the 24th and 25th, but even still, we got to work hard this week.

Maria Aguirre didn´t end up getting baptized this week because she went to go visit her family in Rosario, Santa Fe. We are hoping that if she chooses to move there and stay with her children, that she can get baptized there. 

We are teaching a boy named Lautaro (14). He understands really well what we are teaching and loves that we pass by. His parents don´t want to listen to us but are okay with us teaching him. The last time we taught him, he prayed at the end of the lesson to know if what we are teaching him is true. He gave a beautiful prayer. After the prayer, we could tell that he felt different, that he felt the spirit, but that he didn´t know exactly what it was. We are excited for him and plan to talk more to his parents so he can come to church.

We are also teaching Dante (18), a friend of some of the members in the ward. He loves to read the Bible and the Book of Mormon and is currently listening to two or three different churches that come to teach him. We are praying that he can make it to church this week so that he can get baptized.

Finally, we reacently started to teach Jose (8), a young boy the sisters were teaching. Almost all of his family are members of the church and the only reason he isn´t baptized is because he hasn´t received permision from his dad. We got to talk with his dad and after diligently pleading with him, with boldness and with the spirit, we received permision to baptize Jose if he receives a testimony and feels that it is what he should do. There is a lot of opposition from his parents, but he is excited and wants to learn and be baptized. We are praying for him too.

I got to skype my family on the 25th and I am so happy to have been able to see and speak with them. I love my family and they made me excited to work even harder, listen better to the spirit, and study more diligently the scriptures. At the end of the skype call, all of my family gathered around and we sang Angels We Have Heard On High. What an angelic choir! I love my family. The invitation I gave to them is an invitation I wish to give to all. I invite each of you to ask God in prayer who you can invite to learn more about Jesus. He will answer as you are diligent and willing. Act on the prompting you receive and invite that person to do somthing that will bring them closer to Christ. Remember that the invitation is more important than how they answer the invitation. As you invite, you and your families will participate in miracles, share joy, and find more happiness.

¡Que tenga una feliz semana! I´ll see you all next year!
Elder Cloward

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