Monday, January 2, 2017

What a Miracle!

Tuvimos una semana muy feliz (we had a very happy week).

I am happy to be a missionary! This is God´s work and He gives us many wonderful opportunities to serve his children.

The rain caught us by surprise twice this week. I left the apartment with my sombrero sweating and came back soaked with rain. The weather here is crazy!

At the beginning of the week, we began to teach Eliana more frequently. She´s about to have her baby soon and so we decided to teach her really fast so that she could get baptized. We asked her, "do you want to get baptized this week, or next week." She surprised me when she told us she wanted to get baptized this week! We past by just about every day of the week so that she would be ready. The last day we told her. "Satan does not want you to get baptized and will do what ever it takes so you don´t arrive to your baptizm." The next day was her baptismal interview and her baptism was planned for that morning. We called her before her interview. She told us that something bad had happened. Her mother had set fire to her own house that night and was in the hospital. Eliana was about to go see her when we called. We talked about how important her baptism was. What happened next was one of the greatest shows of faith I have ever seen. She came to her baptism! When we saw her sister and her in the distance, we waved and shouted! It was so exciting! I got to baptize her and I was so happy for that privilege.
Eliana, the sister of Yanel and mother of Maira, got baptized this past Saturday!

We are super happy for her. It was an incredible series of miracles!

She didn´t make it to church this past week, but we are praying that she can make it this next week to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

We are teaching Maria Aguirre really fast now so she can reach her baptismal date this weekend. She is super excited! Please pray for her that she can understand everything we are teaching and that she can be ready this Saturday.

We played football today. It´s really hot here!

I get to skype my family this Sunday. I am excited to see them! It is in the low 100´s here, but I am happy and excited to keep serving in this happy time of year in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus who came to teach, suffer, and save us. What a miracle!

We had a great dinner (asado) in the church this week. One of the sisters who is about to have her baby dressed up as Santa Claus.

¡Que tenga una feliz navidad y año nuevo!
Elder Cloward

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