Monday, January 2, 2017

God's Children

¡Feliz año nuevo a todos!

We are finding and teaching so many people that are interested in learning more. It is amazing! Eleven people have goals to be baptized this month. Some of those people may be baptized next month, but we have a lot of work to help each of them get ready. Every one of them has different needs and interests and it is amazing how the gospel, no matter what, applies to each of them.

On the 24th, we cooked asado in the oven. It was tasty!

We recently began to teach family members of a recent convert named Alberta. We had a really spiritual lesson with Analia, Alberta´s daughter, and Marian, Analia´s daughter. They both accepted to be baptized, but didn´t come to church because they stayed up for the new year. We pray that they can make it this next week.

We were going to have a meeting, but the meeting was canceled and we decided to go to a part of the city we haven´t visited in a long time. We found Karina, who really enjoyed the Restoration and also accepted a date for her baptism. An hour and 3 kilometers later, we found her and her husband in the bank. That was incredible, especially because there are multiple banks here. She didn´t come to church, but we are going to keep teaching her too.
We ate tacos for christmas lunch.

I am happy here and the work here is fast, even with holidays and other things that prevent us from working harder. I am happy for all of the growth I am experiencing and I know God loves me. He loves each of His children. I am happy to serve them.
For new years, my companion made fiambre aleman, a tasty meal of pancakes with layers of tomato, cheese, ham, lettuce, and eggs. They were really good!
Have a happy week and a joyful new year!
Fire works! It is Argentine tradition to fire of fireworks at 12 on Christmas and new years. We wolk up both nights to see a few.
Elder Cloward

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