Monday, January 2, 2017

Lots of Happy Work

This has been one of the better weeks of my mission. Elder Salas Mora and I are getting along really well and we can see how our unity is affecting the work in wonderful ways. We´ve been working harder than I have ever worked in this area and we have two people preparing for their baptisms in two weeks. Maria Aguirre is still super excited for her baptism and told us this week that she doesn´t want to get back together with her boy friend. She is super excited for her baptism and asks us every time we pass by what more she needs to to to be prepared. We are happy for her.

We are also teaching Maira´s Mom, Eliana, who also wants to get baptized the 24th. She is about to have her baby soon, and she has a few other large obstacles. We are praying for her that she can receive an answer from God for what she should do. She has a lot of really great questions that really surprise us, but that show that she has a real and strong desire to do what is right. Hurray!

God also lead us to find some really great people in a poorer area of the city. We started teaching Jose (14), Juaquin (13), and Joel (12), three friends. They are pretty goofy and sometimes don´t pay attention, but they all told us they would be baptized when they feel they are ready. Jose really felt the spirit when we read about Joseph Smith´s prayer. Joseph in Spanish is Jose and they´re both 14 years old. We plan to work with the organizations here and some of the other youth to help people like them.

Elder Salas Mora and I went to play football today in the plaza. He showed me some Rugby moves from when he was in school.

We are really happy here and are looking forward to another great week! I know that all of the blessings we are receiving are from God. Without Him, we are nothing, but as we help these people come to Chirst, He can bless them and save them.  I love Him! 

¡Que tenga una feliz semana!
Elder Cloward

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