Sunday, June 18, 2017

God Makes His Leaders


This was an exciting week of personal growth. I have felt that God has been watching over us and his children as countless times, we were directed to people who needed help or who were ready to receive Christ´s restored Gospel, whether on the bus, in the streets or in their homes. We also got to participate in a stake activity with all of the youth. We went with all of them to the central plaza in the city and gave out little cards inviting everyone to an activity that day and also to church on Easter Sunday. Each pair of missionaries was assigned to guide 6 youth 12 and older to share the short message. It was incredible to watch the army of youth in yellow "Prince of Peace" shirts march to the plaza and boldly invite strangers to learn more about the reason we celebrate Easter. Though no one we invited went to the activity, it was an incredible activity for the youth and it really strengthened my testimony of the power of sharing our testimonies.

We had an awesome activity in the plaza! I got to go with Guillermo, a soon-to-be missionary and invite people to church. His enthusiasm was incredible!
At the end of the activity, it started to rain and we ran for cover.
We all got wet.
All of the missionaries are also a part of the stake choir. Last choir practice, the ladies had a tough part they had to learn how to sing. I got to teach it to them, using my hand as a guide as to how high the note was. It was super fun and a little silly as I had to sing a little bit in a very high pitch. It´s wonderful to feel useful and I am so grateful that God made it possible for me to stay in school choir for 7 years, even when I was tempted to drop it several times. I know He has blessed me and I love Him!

I am excited to continue to work with Elder Oliva. He has a powerful testimony and though we are not perfect, I know God is using us to do a mighty work here. He gives us the courage and strength we need to be His leaders.

Have a happy week!
Elder Cloward

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