Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rainning Blessings

¡Hola todos!

It rained a lot this week! On Wednesday, it began to rain really hard, and instead of stopping quickly like it normally does, it kept going. The first day my companion got to Formosa, his boots got mixed up with another missionary´s stuff and that missionary ended up taking them. For all of this week, he had to wear his normal shoes in the mud. Finally now that everything is dry, we got them back. It was pretty silly. It was also pretty sad too. The very day it started to rain hard, we went to one of the poorer neighborhoods of our area and many of the houses were a foot or two under water and that was after most of the water had left. We ended up in it up to our knees trying to get to Facundo (a recent convert) to teach him. It was pretty funny to see his reaction. His house was fine, but he was not expecting to see us on his door step. There was another family that we were teaching that didn't have anything because the rain made it so they couldn't work. I am grateful for the means God has given me to work hard in whatever condition and to comfort and serve those who are looking for God in their lives.

On Sunday, we had our ward conference and a lot of people came, including some less active members we've been visiting. We were so happy to see them all! Several investigators came too. I was feeling a little sick that morning, but seeing so many happy faces and being able o sing in the ward choir made me feel a lot better. In the afternoon on Sunday, we practiced in the stake choir, and got to see the children´s choir practice. Their energy and excitement brought the spirit so strongly. I am grateful for the pure testimony of the children as they testified of their desires to prepare for their own missions and be good.

The stake primary choir. We were so happy to see Lautaro, his brother Fabricio and Fabricio participate!
That night, we had a lesson with the Da Silva family with another really strong family in the ward and we shared the story of the tree of life (1 Nephi 8). Each of the members contributed and at the end, we invited Daiana, the oldest of the Da Silva children to be baptized this Saturday. She thought about it and even considered a later date, but then said "no, este Sábado sería mejor." We are so happy for her! Please pray for her this week!

Keep sharing your lights!
Elder Cloward

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