Sunday, June 18, 2017

Old Friends- Preparation Makes a Difference


Elder Lundgreen and me.
This was my first week in Saenz Peña! I have really enjoyed my time with my companion, Elder Lundgreen. He is really funny and has a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. He's still pretty new in the mission, but he is already confident and knows how to teach really well. We've gotten lost several times because he's also pretty new to the area, but we're making good progress.
We eat a lot, but Elder Lundgreen eats more. He ate 24 empanadas in one sitting. He's got an iron stomach!

There are many parts of our area that are dangerous. Please pray for all of the missionaries that we can be safe, especially after dark.

There is a man here, Hermano Perez, that has been going to church regularly for the past month and wants to be baptized. We are working with him so that he can receive a testimony of the Book of Mormon. We are excited for him! We also found a family that is willing to get baptized when they receive and answer to their prayers. At the beginning of the lesson, the father told us he had no desire to change his beliefs, but after the lesson, he said he would prepare to be baptized. That kind of change only happens when the Holy Ghost is present. He is so amazing as he touches our hearts and brings us peace. He tells us, this is true!

A member here has the Book of Mormon in more than 27 different languages! He helped us find some new people to teach.
On Sunday, we participated in a district conference in which all of the members of the church nearby attended. My companion and I were a part of the choir. When we sang during the meeting, it was our best performance. The spirit was present very strongly throughout the meeting and it really helped me to put everything back into perspective. As I said last week, it is hard to stay focused. Church meetings and activities help us keep our perspective centered on God's plan for us. I invite each of your to prepare for the next time you attend a church meeting so that you can receive the full benefit God is preparing for you. As you do, you will find greater peace and understanding.

Many of the members in Villa Angela, my first area, came to the district conference here. Milton was a boy we began to teach right before I left the area. He got baptized! We were so happy to see each other!
The Caseres family from my first area. Their boys went on splits with us a few times and the family gave us lunch on Thursdays!
Leonel, an awesome young man from Villa Angela. Five of the youth I met in Villa Angela are serving in missions throughout the world and Leonel should be on his mission by next year!
Elder Cloward

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