Sunday, June 18, 2017

Prepare for Eternity

¡Hola a todos!

I´m in Saenz Peña Chaco, in the Obrero branch! I wasn't expecting to go so quick. I'm going to miss everyone in Formosa, but I am super excited to get to know the people here. My new companion is Elder Lundgreen from Nebraska USA. He is super great. He´s been in the mission very little time, but he´s confident and happy. He´s a lot like me, tall, skinny, eats a lot ,and cheerful, and I know we´ll get a long well.

This past week, we had another baptism! Maria Da Silva accepted an invitation to be baptized this past Saturday. It felt a little rushed, but we felt that everything had come together for her to be able to make a promise with God and there was no reason to wait. These thoughts were swirling in my mind, even during here baptism. But as I baptized her, and sat beside her after her baptism. I could feel God´s love for her and her desire to follow Him. I felt the room filled to the brim with the joy in heaven for her decision. She is going to do a lot of good for her family and for the church.
Maria Da Silva got baptized!
This was in the font when we filled it up for the baptism. Ahhh!
I am happy and well! I know that when we follow God, trust in the Spirit, and are obedient, everything turns out okay. Focus on eternity, on our goal to live with God after this life, clean and pure, with all those you love. I challenge each of you to do at least one thing this week to prepare for eternity. That is the purpose of this life!

¡Que tengan una semana feliz!
Elder Cloward

Lots of mud!

It´s hard to walk fast to lunch when you can slip and fall. Even walking carefully, the mud splashes everywhere.

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