Sunday, June 25, 2017


¡Hola todos!

My companion took a picture of me!
This week has been soooo exciting, first waiting until Wednesday to know who my new companion would be, meeting him, and beginning to teach him everything I know from the start. His name is Elder Roberts and he is from Georgia. He did a lot of sports in high school, has a huge family, and is a hard worker. He has a fresh perspective that has enlivened the work here in Saenz Peña and in my mission. We have been learning a lot together about following the small promptings of the spirit as we find new people to teach. Just yesterday, we were walking in the cold to the next planned lesson and a man entering his house called out "¿que estan haciendo en el frío?" After asking what the man had said and understanding, my companion suggested we turn around and tell him. We went back and shared the Book of Mormon with the man, who didn't have very much time, but is searching for the truth in his life. I am so happy to be training a missionary that is ready to give his all. We will be working really hard these next few weeks!

There is a couple, the Diaz, that the missionaries have visited for over 20 years that finally this week decided to get married and be baptized. There are still several obstacles that are keeping them from doing it. Please pray for them!

Fathers day was a really special day for us. It made me so happy to be able to tell people "fathers day is the perfect day to show your love for your Father in Heaven and go to His house."

We like to eat! I'll have better pictures next week.
There was a member here that was super busy cleaning her house. We insisted in helping her clean and we got to help her clean mold that had started to grow on her ceiling. As we were there, she told us that she would be busy and might not be able to attend church. I shared that I had never done homework or school related projects on Sundays and that God blessed me to never have to turn in a late assignment. It made me so happy when she chose to go with her two daughters and put God first.

My invitation this week is to examine your daily habits and choose one that you want to replace for something better. For example, instead of reading Facebook posts, you could write letters of encouragement and love to your neighbors, friends, or relatives. As you choose to make better choices, I promise that God will help you see your potential as His son or daughter and you will feel closer to Him.

Have a happy week!
Elder Cloward

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